"We value preaching that is socially relevant, all-embracing, and theologically liberal - preaching that explores questions rather than delivers answers."


Worship is an action.  Too often we think worship means going to church, sitting and

listening to the service, going on our way at the end of the service.  This is not

what worship is.  Worship is an invitation to a dynamic transformational experience —

an opportunity to be face-to-face with God.  


When we worship we are active, engaged, participating.  Worship asks us to connect

with God. Worship invites us to offer God our blessing, gratitude, honor, respect,

love, joy, sadness, troubles, desires, hopes through prayer, song, sharing a meal,

passing the Peace, Scriptures, sharing our resources.  Worship offers us an intentional

time to listen to God.  


Worship is not something that happens only on Sunday morning.  Worship is

praying our life and living our prayer — every moment; every day.  Worship happens

when you awake in the morning and thank God for the day ahead.  Worship happens

when you step outside your door and notice the beauty of God’s Creation.  Worship

happens when you stop and say a prayer for a friend.  Worship happens when you offer

a sandwich to a hungry stranger.  Worship happens in everything we do!


Communal Worship is an integral part of who a congregation is.  It is the Center of congregational life — a time for us to join together with our community of faith in a conversation with God!  It is the one time each week when we come together as a community to share our faith with one another, and to offer our gratitude and blessing to the Sacred.  


Communal Worship is where the work of the Church begins.   For in worship we, individually and cooperatively, hear the Call of God; the invitation to outreach and mission.  It is when we engage in conversation with God through worship that we are enlivened, enticed, impassioned, revitalized to “act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8)


I invite you to come and worship with Stanley Congregational Church.  We worship Sunday mornings at 10:00am in the Sanctuary.

We invite your children to worship with us and will have some small activities for them.


We are handicapped accessible, as well as have assistance for the hearing impaired.