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December 20, 2019

January 16, 2020

Thank you Nancy and Bill for coming in to assemble our BENCH which is situated in Stanley Hall for all to come and see this beautiful transformation of plastic bags!  A huge THANK YOU! to all who   participated in Stanley achieving its 500 pound goal!!

PLASTIC BAGS are now being collected at:


Christ Church, UCC

561 Springfield Avenue

Summit, NJ


(From New England Ave, pull into the circular driveway in front of church.  Exterior recycling bin is to the right of the banner against the church wall)

Bridges Outreach, January 26

We made it into 'Tap Into Chatham' once again

January 26, 2019

Dear Mr. Cronin and Mrs. Worden’s classes and families, Summit Central Presbyterian Church Kindergarteners, Stanley Congregational Church and today’s Bridges Outreach Crew:

Yesterday kindergartners in Summit and 5th graders at Chatham’s Lafayette School combined to make 250 brown bag lunches for homeless friends in Newark. The food was donated by the students’ families and the bags were decorated with love by the students with messages including: “You are loved, Stay Positive, You are amazing!”

This morning a crew of eleven volunteers including Brian, Jack and Joseph Shuster, the dad and older brothers of Kevin Shuster from Mrs. Worden’s class, met up at Bridges Outreach headquarters in Summit where coordinators Dave and Cyprene gave the volunteers instructions on how it all works. We loaded the iconic yellow Bridges truck with our lunches, donated clothing, containers of steaming hot cocoa and soup and followed the truck to a park just outside Newark, Penn Station. At least 80 homeless friends waited patiently while we set up tables. Volunteers traveled down the line giving them bags to hold their lunches and delivering the hot drinks to keep them warm. This is the best time to chat. I recognized “Ricky” from a run last year when he sang “A Horse With No Name” with Bridges volunteers. He remembered and we sang a little bit again. Ricky was very kind to the gentleman standing next to him, Alberto, who was having trouble settling his belongings into a backpack. Alberto has some communication problems but Ricky was patient, speaking slowly and using sign language. We noticed some friends were wearing beautiful scarves, definitely not factory made and absolutely made with love. We traced them back to Pam and Sandra from Gravel Hill Missionary Baptist Church. We had a friendly conversation happy to meet other people caring for our homeless friends.

After our second stop on MLK Boulevard, we traveled to Harmony House, a shelter for families. We laid out donated clothes and became “personal shoppers” to parents and young children. It was so satisfying when we matched a just right warm coat to a toddler or her eight-year-old sister.  All of the coats were snapped up! We noticed that our friends were “shopping” for each other making sure everyone came away with a few treasures. They even made sure to pick up donated toiletries for a mom who was sick and couldn’t come outside. It warmed our hearts to see people with so little and who live with the stress of poverty and homelessness remember to take care of each other.

Kindness is the theme of this “love letter” to all of you. We saw kindness in action everywhere on this beautiful cold, sunny day: between volunteers and homeless friends, among the volunteers, and most poignantly, kindness demonstrated by homeless friends to each other.

A Bridges run has a lot of moving parts. It truly takes a village. Thank you, all of you, for your kindness in making it happen.



Lucy Malatesta

Bridges Outreach Run Leader for Stanley Congregational Church

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